Custom Computer Builds

New System Computers can help you to spec your ideal PC with the hardware you actually need. If you’re thinking, ‘That’s going to be expensive’ then you might be surprised to know that customers have commented on the savings of ‘going custom’, rather than buying a pre-built model from the high street retailers.

How does it work?

  1. You get in touch, and tell us what you need your computer to be able to do.
  2. We build a custom specification page, which you will then be able to access via our website
  3. You then choose your case, and any further upgrades you may want
  4. We then build your computer, and arrange a time to install it free of charge!*

We also provide free delivery to Horncastle, Woodhall Spa, Coningsby and surrounding villages. Manufacturer warranties are  maintained, as well as 30 days of FREE support to get you started.

(Only applies within a 10 mile drive of Horncastle)


Costs here are obviously down to how you spec your machine. As a bonus though, because we can buy in bulk, we can often obtain your parts for much cheaper than what you might pay online or in store!

Why choose us?

Your PC – Personalized to you.

With a custom build, you choose the components.

Whether it’s to play a certain game, or you’d just like something that looks great, a custom build will do the job.

Cutting Through The Jargon

When it comes to choosing your components, all the numbers, MB/MHz/Ghz/PCIe Generations etc can get really confusing. And often, the bigger number doesn’t always translate into better performance. We can help you to understand which components go best together, giving you the best bang for your buck. We’ll even put together a custom page on our website showing you the spec in more detail, and also giving you some upgrade options to consider.

Why not just buy a pre-built machine?

This is a great question, and one we encourage you to ask! We have listed below some of the reasons why this service could benefit you.

  • Price – The word ‘CUSTOM’ often means expensive. In this case though, for a number of reasons, customers have commented that a custom build from us ended up being cheaper than buying from a retailer. Some of these reasons are listed below.

1. We can often obtain these parts cheaper than what you might pay for them as an online customer due to the higher quantities that we require.

2. Custom builds allow us to spec the computer to exactly what you need, sometimes saving hundreds of £’s on buying a pre-built machine with components you don’t want or need.

3. We don’t have any incentive to up-sell unlike the main high street retailers, because we have a set build fee, and we buy stock as needed. That means we won’t sell you something you don’t need. (Unless you really want it of course!)

  • 30 days FREE support – As a local PC repair & web design business, we are fully equipped to provide this, and would only be a phone call away should you need us!
  • Sensible Upgrade Options – On almost every custom build we do, there’s at least one component where spending a fraction more can provide big performance gains. We also use this as an opportunity to offer ‘future proofing’ upgrades. For example, if we upgrade to this case, your components will cool better and last longer.
  • Correctly Tuned. Time and again we’ve seen custom gaming machines sold with the best and fastest components that have not been tuned correctly. This usually means the build has been rushed, and what’s worse is that the customer often wont know the difference! Paying for the ultimate hardware, only to have it limited to sometimes as little as 50% of it’s capacity is not acceptable. We do not allow this to happen.

Perhaps one additional point you haven’t considered is that even with brand new hardware, built completely correctly, sometimes the machine just will not boot. You’d probably be surprised how often this actually happens. This can especially be the case when we’re dealing with high end hardware, as they are performing right on the edge of what’s currently possible. If your PC is being built by us, you don’t have to worry about any of this. We will be able to diagnose the problem and resolve it directly with the manufacturer if necessary, saving you time and hassle. (And sometimes issues blamed on non-professional installation which means no refund!)

With Ebuyer on board, (A national winner in The British Business Awards) we can provide you with the latest tech, faster, cheaper and more efficiently than buying from any other UK retailer, especially considering the high demand for components at the moment! We have direct contact with suppliers who can secure supply from vendors at the retail prices rather than having to spend much more on 2nd hand tech.