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Terms and Terminology.

In these terms and conditions, references such as “our” , “we”, “us”, “I” and “New System Computer Services” refers to New System Computer Services and it’s director Mr Joshua Barrs.

The “client” or “customer” refers to any person, persons or business that use any of the “New System Computer Services” services, website or interact with “New System Computer Services”.


All services/support given by and/or interactions with “New System Computer Services” are subject to the New System Computer Services Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. By browsing this website and/or using our services and/or interacting with “New System Computer Services”, the client acknowledges that they have read, understood and agree with the New System Computer Services Terms and ConditionsPrivacy Policy stated.


“New System Computer Services” provides a 90 day warranty on labour only repairs carried out on devices requested by the Client. This 90 day warranty excludes the client’s device being re-infected with a virus after the call out, other software related problem that was not disclosed to “New System Computer Services” during the call-out, or client misuse. “New System Computer Services” makes no warranty for data, software or computer files either expressed or implied. The 90 day warranty also excludes repairs to hardware/software that has been fixed/patched to work for a limited time e.g. An item that is starting to fail, or could fail, and has been temporarily fixed.

If the same problem re-occurs within 90 days of the original call-out repair, and is not part of the above exclusions, “New System Computer Services” will undertake the labour to repair again without charge, up until the amount of time spent on fixing the problem originally. However, charges will be incurred should additional parts be required or more time is needed after the original repair time e.g. If the original call-out repair was 2 hours, as long as the warranty repair is not part of the above exclusions, is completed within 2 hours, and no further parts are needed, the warranty repair will be Free Of Charge. If the repair takes longer than 2 hours, then the additional hours labour will be charged at the current “additional hourly charge” rate. The client has the right to deem the repair “beyond economical repair” before additional hours labour is carried out and charged. “New System Computer Services” will always endeavour to inform the client if they feel that the repair is “beyond economical repair”.

In the event of hardware failure not caused by a service provided by “New System Computer Services”. Any warranty claim will be between the customer and the hardware manufacturer. “New System Computer Services” reserves the right to determine whether a hardware fault can be reasonably diagnosed as outside of it’s control.

Laptop Sales Warranty

What does this limited warranty cover?

This Limited Warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship under normal use during the Warranty Period.
During the Warranty Period, New System Computer Services will repair or replace, at no charge, products or parts of a product that proves defective because of improper material or workmanship, under normal use and maintenance.

What will we do to correct problems?

New System Computer Services will either repair the Product at no charge, using new or refurbished replacement parts.

How long does the coverage last?

The Warranty Period for Physical Goods purchased from New System Computer Services is 90 days from the date of purchase.
A replacement Physical Good or part assumes the remaining warranty of the original Physical Good or 90 days from the date of replacement or repair, whichever is longer.

What does this limited warranty not cover?

This Limited Warranty does not cover any problem that is caused by:
● conditions, malfunctions or damage not resulting from defects in material or workmanship.

This includes but is not limited to, physical or liquid damage, operation outside of normal temparature range etc.

Any attempt at dissasembly by the customer or any other 3rd party will invalidate any warranty supplied by New System Computer Services.

What do you have to do?

To obtain warranty service, you must first contact New System Computer Services to determine the problem and the most appropriate solution for you. New System Computer Services will not accept reimbursement requests for repair work carried out by a 3rd party.

Limited Liability.

Whilst “New System Computer Services” shall make every reasonable effort to preserve the integrity of a device to repair or service, or left for repair or service, the Client agrees not to hold “New System Computer Services” liable for any accidental damage to the said device, including but not limited to scratches, casing cracks, deformations, theft of the equipment etc.

Additionally “New System Computer Services” cannot be held liable for any loss of data, loss of revenue or profits, or any incidental, contingent, or consequential damages caused either prior, during or upon completion of a service or repair.

“New System Computer Services” liability of any kind with respect to repairs or services undertaken, including any negligence on its part, shall be limited to the price for the services or repairs provided (i.e A Full Refund of “New System Computer Services” labour charges).

Furthermore, should “New System Computer Services” offer any advice or recommendations to a Client as to the use of computer equipment, tech gadgets, storage or use of software applications, it shall be entirely at the Clients own risk, and accordingly “New System Computer Services” shall not be held liable for any such losses associated with such advice or recommendations.

Additionally, “New System Computer Services” cannot be held responsible or liable for the following during or after the repairs or service (including advice or help given by any method/medium) :

  • Loss or corruption of data, files, information or records
  • Any losses attributed to the interruption to business activity while equipment is out of service for repairs or service
  • Failure by the Client to follow our reasonable recommendations, instructions and advice (e.g such as back up of data)
  • Any loss of business goodwill
  • Any loss you may suffer arising from failure to use anti-virus software
  • Any loss considered to be unforeseeable
  • Damage resulting from viruses or other malicious software that may have been transmitted during servicing or repairs and therefore escaped detection
  • “New System Computer Services” will not be liable for any damage caused to other equipment by parts fitted following or during any repair or service.

Correctness of Information and Disclaimer.

Although every effort is made to make sure the information contained on our website and in our documentation is accurate, current and reliable, it should be recognised that there is a possibility of errors. “New System Computer Services” denies any liability of the accuracy and reliability of any information provided on this website, any other associated website, or documentation. “New System Computer Services” shall not be held liable for any losses caused by reliance upon the accuracy and reliability of the information contained within.

We reserve the right to amend the content of our website and or our documentation at any time without prior notice.

We cannot accept any responsibility for other websites we do not control, which may be linked to or from our website.

It should be noted, that services and or products indicated in this website might be altered, modified or discontinued at any time without prior notice. It should also be noted that published fees for services, repairs and or products are subject to change without prior notice.

“New System Computer Services” has the right, at their discretion, to refuse the supply of goods and services.

“New System Computer Services” reserves the right to change their Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.