IT Support For Businesses

No monthly subscriptions with start to finish IT support for your local business.

New System Computers, operating within the Horncastle, Woodhall Spa, Coningsby and surrounding areas have both the skill set and experience neccessary to support your IT infrastructure.

The business owner – Josh – has both over 7 years of experience in the private medical IT sector handling highly confidential data on mission critical platforms & over 12 years of experience in supporting and troubleshooting in the general IT sector, along with a number of years of hardware support and maintenance. This means extensive involvement with GDPR, Data Protection & server management.

Other members of the team also carry many years of experience within the general IT support & hardware related areas.

Add this up, and you have a local team that knows the importance of building good client relationships & providing services that your business can rely on.

Why choose us?

We understand that there needs to be a balance here of cost vs quality of support. Most local businesses cannot justify costly monthly subscriptions for access to anytime support, so we approach things differently. Instead of monthly subscriptions, we offer the local businesses of Horncastle, Woodhall Spa & surrounding areas a case-by-case IT support service that goes further than any traditional support service.

Something our existing clients and customers mention time and again is that our support sees them through from the initial problem to completion, without getting passed around to different companies. For example, a recent client of New System Computers came to us after struggling with an Apple device. They had spent many hours being transferred between departments, outlets, software support services & ISP’s. (Internet Service Providers) We visited, and fixed each problem until the client was fully up and running.

We have seen time and again cases where a fault lies with a 3rd party company that your business interacts with,  (Anti-Virus issues or internet conectivity issues for example) and the customer has been left to deal with these companies without really knowing what to ask for, or how to explain the problem. Where possible, we prefer to resolve the issue on-site rather than simply passing it on. So yes, that has meant on occasion we have dealt with Anti-Virus software providers, and other 3rd party companies on behalf of our clients, where the client we are working with has given permission to do so.

We hope that with this in mind, you would consider New System Computers to support the IT infrastructure within your business.

With Ebuyer on board, (A national winner in The British Business Awards) we can provide you with the latest tech, faster, cheaper and more efficiently than buying from any other UK retailer, especially considering the high demand for components at the moment! We have direct contact with suppliers who can secure supply from vendors at the retail prices rather than having to spend much more on 2nd hand tech.