Data Recovery

Yes, we have been through it too. The gut wrenching moment you realise your family photos/videos, important files & documents may have been lost forever, but please don’t panic!

The “Should have kept a backup” lecture isn’t particulary reassuring either during these moments, but don’t worry, there are steps that can be taken to recover the data.

We cannot stress enough though the importance of just leaving your device alone once you become aware of an issue. This applies in all cases, including blue screen issues, failed boot up’s, & dropped or smashed devices. Especially though where liquid damage is involved.

It can be very tempting to just try switching it back on after drying the device in a bag of rice etc, but if your files are important, please allow either New System Computers or another professional to dry out the device properly. Otherwise you run the risk of irovvecable damage.


As much as we’d love to, we cannot provide a fixed price here due to the scope of complexity across the data recovery process. What we can say though is that we simply will not charge if your data cannot be recovered. In some more extreme cases where extensive physical damage has taken place, we are in a position to work with leading specialists equipped with the laboratory grade facilities required.

In either case, we will never charge advice, and final quotations* are agreed upon before any recovery begins.

*Based on collection within a 10 mile radius of Horncastle. We would agree a call out charge for anywhere beyond that.